When I get into TV shows, I tend to watch as many episodes I can. Hence, I usually wait for an entire series to end before I start watching it.
In one fell swoop, I can go through a series, for the most part, from within a week to a month. I went through the three seasons of “Arrested Development” in a couple of weeks, whereas “The Sopranos” took me a good couple of months.
A few weeks ago, I decided to get the entire series of “Seinfeld.” Some in the newsroom wondered why, but I always remind them I do not have cable and have not seen most of the show since their original airing.
So every night after work for two weeks now, before the wife comes home, I take in a bunch of episodes of “Seinfeld.”
As of now, I’m at the end of the eighth season, about to venture into the ninth. It took a lot of dedication, perseverance and sitting and watching, but by Sunday I predict I will have gotten through the 180 episodes that have consumed my evenings and I will be able to move on to more productive things in life.
This all came about weeks ago when I was watching the “Seinfeld” reunion episodes on “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” “Curb” is a show about Larry David, co-creator of “Seinfeld” and its humor is very much in the same vein, only with swear words and more adult themes.
That got me to thinking that I haven’t actually seen “Seinfeld” in more than 10 years. Oh, I catch a rerun or two when I visit my family, but not too often.
So I decided to get the whole series and see if the show still stood up as it did when I first watched it.
It does. Even the post-Larry David seasons are just as good as when he was on the show.
I was also amazed at those seasons with David, because I never knew he played many characters on the show, but was only visible three times. He usually was a heckler booing Jerry or someone on the street screaming at a character.
So I enjoy the show probably more now than I did, because of “Curb Your Enthusiasm.” Knowing much of the shows history through “Curb” and seeing actors from “Seinfeld” playing different people on “Curb” is pretty cool.
So, when I get home from work, I will watch a few episodes and will finish the series by Sunday. It’s a marathon, and I admit, a waste of time, but it is my time to waste and I’m enjoying it.

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