Kanye West Does It Again

Much like Daylight Savings Time, at least twice a year we see self-proclaimed genius, musician and clothing mogul Kanye West rise to the occasion of publicly embarrassing himself and others in a grand fashion. So it was destined to be that during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards Kanye would, much like a werewolf under a full moon, make a spectacle of himself.

When it was announced that Beck, a man who has been making critically acclaimed alternative folk-rock for more than 20 years, won the award for Album of the Year instead of Beyoncé (whose album was also fantastic), Kanye West decided this artistic injustice must be corrected by, in an act eerily reminiscent of when he interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA awards all those years ago, walking upon the stage. Only this time, he did not have to speak, for the action alone told the world Kanye West was not happy about the situation.

Many assumed it was a meta joke from the previously mentioned Taylor Swift scene, until Kanye broke his silence and spoke to the mighty news media Goliath that is E! Entertainment News. “I just know that the Grammys, if they want real artists to keep coming back, they need to stop playing with us,” West told a stunned world. “We ain’t gonna play with them no more. And Beck needs to respect artistry and he should’ve given his award to Beyoncé.” Unfortunately, the obviously selfish Beck has not given his award to Beyoncé, who didn’t look all that upset by Beck winning the award in the first place.

What followed was a hailstorm of judgments passed upon West by the likes of Shirley Manson of the 90s alt-rock band Garbage, and Paul Stanley, a full-grown man who has dressed like a clown for four-decades in the band Kiss. Beck, for his part, seemed genuinely unfazed by the whole scenario, saying “You can’t please everybody. I still love him and think he’s genius. I aspire to what he does. How many great records has he put out in the last five years, right?”

Later, Kanye clarified that it was “voices” in his head that inspired him to walk upon the stage when Beck won, and that it was vaguely E!’s fault for talking to him in the first place. “I was given a platform,” he told Ryan Seacrest on Seacrest’s radio program. “And when given a platform, it’s very hard, as we know — and I’m going to talk in the third person like I’m a crazy person — but it’s very hard for Kanye West to not be very true and vocal to what he feels.”

After sensing that perhaps people misunderstood his direct quotes about Beck to E!, Kanye said “Beck is one of the nicest guys and one of the most respected musicians in the game. When I said that thing about respect artistry, I think it came off the wrong way and that was a miswording on my part. … Obviously Beck is one of the most respected artists, and respects artistry.” So that clears everything up.

Kanye also stated he plans on collaborating with Taylor Swift, so we will have that to look forward to.

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