November Will Be Nicolas Cage Month at the JOE-DOWN

November will see Joe Brown and I following our ABCs in life: Always Be Cageing. And in our celebration of the insanity that is Nicolas Cage, we are dedicating the whole month to a man that falls both into genius and stupid. Sometimes at the same time.

And because one doesn’t simply just review Mr. Cage’s work, Brown and I recorded two podcasts that will bookend the month. We spent one night in October watching four Cage films: “Face/Off,” “The Wicker Man,” “Deadfall” and “Con Air,” and we survived to tell the tale. We obviously picked the cream of the crop of Cage’s IMDB profile, that’s for sure.

So here is the schedule for Nicolas Cage Month, join us as we marvel at a man who switches faces with John Travolta and screams about BEES!

Nov. 5 “Face/Off” *PODCAST!

Nov. 12 “The Wicker Man”

Nov. 19 “Deadfall”

Nov. 26 “Con Air” *PODCAST!

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