Why did they do that? ‘Ghost Rider’ sequel

This is a brief, but a well-needed pondering that could have been part of my last blog about film sequels.
Why on Earth would anyone put money down and thus continue to work on a project that is a sequel to a movie that was terrible in the first place?
“Ghost Rider” wasn’t the worst film I’d ever seen, but it certainly ranks toward the bottom of my list of films I’ve seen.
Now there is “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance,” which answers the never-asked questions from the terrible first film.
How bad does Nic Cage need money? I mean, here is probably the most hit- and-miss actor I can think of. When he’s good, he’s amazing. When he’s on a bad streak, he’s a walking joke.
So, why did they do this? Why invest in a sequel when the original was not a box office smash? The world’s a twisted place, I guess.

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