The Garbage Pail Kids Are Now Mocking Popular Bands

As a child of the 80s, one of the highlights growing up was being introduced to Garbage Pail Kids cards. Yes, the dark satirical take on the cherub faced cuteness of Cabbage Patch Kids that put those dolls’ likenesses in often disgusting scenarios with kooky names on trading cards. On the flip side, if your name happened to make it on a card — and with a name like Joe, avoiding that was impossible — your childhood nickname had a very good chance of being inspired from, say, “Overflow Joe” or a much more acceptable “Joe Blow.”

overflow joe


I am starting to suspect where the seeds of my twisted sense of humor might have originated….

Anyway, this year Topps is offering the Garbage Pail Kids treatment to some musical artists with its American As Apple Pie In Your Face sticker series. Artists like Radiohead, Arcade Fire and Morrissey to name a few. Though these seem a bit more tame from what I grew up with, I think they still do the job of being both crass and fun.

You can order these from Topps’ website here.





Arcade FirefireRed Hot Chili Peppers

RHCPGrateful Dead

grateful deadGuns N Roses

axl roseThe Roots



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